Global Engineering & Construction Company

“Mr. Ruderman is a very effective manager of business development who will deliver results. Although Artie did not have experience with shipyard fabrication his marketing acumen alone helped develop almost $1.5 billion in new contracts. Artie has several desirable attributes, he is a strong team player and above all, he is an honest man with integrity.”

Shashank Karve, President & CEO, Seanergis & Former President & CEO, Deep Sea Fabrication Services, representation service provider for Sembcorp Marine.

Research & Advisory Firm for the Oil & Gas Industry

“Artie has excellent sales skills and understands the need to build relationships with clients as well as demonstrate the value position so that clients will buy services.”

Bruce Crager, EVP, Endeavor Management, Expert Advisory Group – Offshore, Subsea & Marine.

Architectural & Engineering Firm

“I highly recommend Artie Ruderman to any organization interested in having a seasoned, dedicated and loyal person handling marketing or general operating support. Mr. Ruderman was able to renegotiate our MinDOC Mirage project and justify asking an additional $1.5MM to the contract. Together these contract modifications increased the bottom line of the project by $3.0MM. One of the qualities I most appreciate about Artie is his tenacity and the fact that he can walk into any room and within minutes talk to anyone as if he had known them for years. Mr. Ruderman positively impacted BASS operations and enhanced its presence.”

Jose H. Vazquez, President, 3Dent Technology & former President, Bennett & Associates.

Retail Fixture Installation Company

“I had initiated a plan to increase revenues by offering the sale and installation of signing packages to our clients. Artie had the necessary vendor resources and client contacts in the signing and graphics industry. Artie secured business from retailers such as J.C. Penney’s, Wachovia Bank, and Office Max. He had an ongoing signage and installation project for Sofa Express worth over one million dollars.”

Nicholas Masson, VP Business Development, Starnes & Oswalt.

Architectural & Engineering Firm

“After a successful start of Bennett & Associates and the company growing to a large number of technical personnel, it became clear that I needed help with the marketing and management portions of the company.

Artie’s management skills, administration procedures, marketing successes and personnel systems are only a small part of his success at Bennett & Associates. He was always an asset to talk to and one of the most trustworthy people I have ever worked with…”

William T. Bennett, Chairman TexBASS LLC & Former CEO & President, Bennett & Associates.

Retail & Brand Design Firm

“He (Artie) displays many admirable traits required by anyone involved in sales: ambition, resourcefulness, and persistence. He (Artie) is a good communicator, well written, and articulate. I would highly recommend Artie Ruderman.”

David Seem, CFO, MillerZell.